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Love of Magic is an Urban Fantasy RPG developed by Droid Productions that combines the modern world with both Arthurian lore and elements from Celtic, Gaelic, Norse, Aztec and Asian mythoi. You play as a young American attending the university of Edinburgh where you will study as an Evoker. Unfamiliar with the world of Magic, you must find out what Destiny has in store for you while making new friends, finding true love and fending off your enemies. The game is developed with the backing of Patreon supporters and will consist of 3 books. Book 1 and Book 2 are available on Steam as well as Book 3's store front is up on Steam, be sure and wishlist it!

Love of Magic is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

Gameplay centers around managing your time in a way inspired by games such as Persona. Each day is divided into 3 timeslots that you can use to train, work, study or explore various side content. Some of these timeslots will be reserved for the main story, which proceeds at its own pace regardless of how you choose to spend your free time. As you get further into the game you will regularly find yourself in combat, which is resolved through a tactical form of Poker. Although the game offers many opportunities to make the protagonist more powerful, you will never be locked out of the main story content, allowing players who just wish to experience the main story line to do so while skipping all or most of the additional content.


The information provided on this site contains many spoilers. We recommend at least playing the main storyline once before looking up information that might impact your experience of the game. Also, while the game allows you to rename many of the characters, this site will always refer to them by their default names.


Details in this wiki (facts, figures, values, lore, mechanics, etc.) are not speculative, they are taken from two primary sources:

  1. The game itself.
  2. Droid Productions (published documents, webpages, Discord, Steam and other forums.)

As a general rule, if something is not known or confirmed from one of those two sources it should not be placed in the wiki until this is done.

The obvious exception is items which are inherently opinion based such as 'how-to' information, recommendations, walkthrough choices, gem 'meta's, etc.


This Wiki is created by and for fans of the rich epic fantasy game Love of Magic.